One Giant Leap for Crypto

Caticorn was created as an alternative to the dog and Doge themed meme coins, however it was created for all animal lovers, animals and animal rescuers. A philanthropic utility is the central goal of the Caticorn ecosystem.

Caticorn is one of the first meme token to actually have meaning or meaming. The token's primary purpose is to build a community of people helping other people and animals. When you join the Caticorn community you can actively participate and help make the world a better place with one of the first ever charity tokens.

A Meme token with a Meaming Mission!

What is a CATFO?

"I don't like the hat." -Anon

A CATFO is a Caticorn that rides a UFO to the moon, cause a rocket isn't fast enough... He is part of the Secret Space Program.

"Finally, a meme coin with goals!" -Anon

"I am an Ape." -Anon

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Caticorn Vibes

*The videos contain flashing effects.

We love making art and corny cat videos. Watch our AI art videos.

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The FIRST Angel Philanthropy Token EVER!

Become a part of our voting community. Give the world Meaming.


Caticorn was created as an alternative to the dog and Doge themed meme coins, however it was created for all animal lovers, animals and animal rescuers with a philanthropic heart and utility at it’s initial inception.

Meme coins should have meaning, and Caticorn will take on a new utility as one of the first “meaming” cryptocurrency tokens of it’s kind.

MEAMING designation is a new generation of coins whose primary utility is philanthropy and community.


Giving back to the community is our purrpose.

Caticorn Animation
Caticorn Animation


50% Launch Sale
20% Marketing
30% Philanthropy Rewards/Listings

  • 50% of the supply is allocated for Launch

  • 20% of the supply is allocated for Marketing (Locked on PinkSale)

  • 30% of the supply is reserved for Philanthropy Rewards/Listings

LP Burnt after launch, Immutable, Revoke mint, Revoke Freeze, NO TAXES!

TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,500,000,000

Contract Address:
*Ensure the CA is $CATICORN


How to Buy



Step 1: Use a Phantom or equivalent wallet and click a DEX button below.

Step 2: If you do not see $CATICORN, enter our CA to continue your purchase: FwSP2QRD9yKkN1dZRTVREEjN4dhLPYQYd7jqPDoVUtDV


Click the buttons below to track our chart:

Ensure you are purchasing from our CA below:

*Do Not Send Funds to the Address Above, The Funds will be Lost Forever!

Ensure You Only Buy Caticorn Tokens From our Contract Address:



Caticorn Fairy Tales, Just Because.

Based on a True Story, although it is a bit corny.

"Caticorns have existed for thousands of years. They are even more elusive than the Skunk Ape seen in Florida." -Anon

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Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 4


A future so bright, wen moon?

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